A Selection of Paintings


painting process of intuition and healing

In my time as a student of Anita Nairne's I have come to trust more and more the process of allowing  intuition to emerge.  As she teaches, I usually do not approach a painting with an end product in mind.  Rather, I paint the background with whatever colors call to me that day, and then I step back and just watch... I look to see what emerges, and then draw that out, making it more defined.  

Invariably, the symbolism of what emerges is related to something I am discovering about myself, or recovering from, or it provides guidance about what to do in life.  With painting I find Joy.  Each time I go to paint, I have an aliveness bubbling up inside that energizes me and makes me smile.

Over time I realized that what comes through me is healing not just for myself, but for others who take in the paintings.  People I work with in my home who use an image to settle themselves and feel safer.  Students in classes who talk about life challenges and a painting I've just completed speaks to them about ways they could move through what is going on.  Reminders of the possibility of Transformation we all have within us.  Symbols of Hope.