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Leaper of Faith

Leaper of Faith

Dancin' in the Sunlight  (detail), by Ranjana

Dancin' in the Sunlight (detail), by Ranjana


Only very recently did I realize all that I do and all that I have done that others think of as... courageous, or perhaps risky.  They were just what I did, not thinking of them as anything extraordinary...  

When I am called to do something, I do it!  

So does that mean I take Leaps of Faith...  Or is it that I simply Trust... that I will have what it takes to face whatever comes... 

Just a couple of my Leaps of Faith:

going off to areas of conflict as a humanitarian aid worker

marrying my life partner after spending less than three weeks (and not all at once) in his physical presence –after he proposed over the phone, having only met me once in person